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Water Wizard Reverse Osmosis Water Cooler

This marvel of water purification technology provides four great benefits over bottled water coolers!

  • The system will make 50 gallons of pure water per day for your use. Thus, the cost per gallon is remarkably low.
  • The cost of this unit fits easily into your budget because the price is fixed. You can either purchase the cooler or
        rent it. The cost does not vary based on consumption.
  • The holding tank holds 3 gallons. The system purifies water at the rate of about 2 gallons per hour, thus, the
        water is purified virtually as you use it.
  • There are no heavy 5 gallon bottles to store, to change, or to be delivered late. There are no bottles at all!

    Advanced, all-in-one reverse osmosis technology; attractive yet durable styling with blow-molded polycarbonate cabinetry, and OUR guarantee of quality and dependability. Our reverse osmosis cooler installs easily, directly plumbed to your cold water line for a continuous water supply.

    Models are available in two or three temperatures: Cook 'N Cold™, or Hot Cook 'N Cold™.


    Poly Carbonate Cabinet ensures Scratch Resistance and makes it easy to clean.
    PolyProplene Base - Eliminates scratched floors and rust spots.
    Hot Water Option is Available.
    RO Storage Reservoir Holds up to:
    1.7 Gallons of Cold Water
    1.3 Gallons of Cooking Water
    Dimensions: 43 ½" x 13 ½" x 16"
    reverse osmosis System with five stages of water treatmentr to ensure High Quality Water
    *NOTE: "Cooking" water is the industry name for room-temperature water.


  • Eliminate Bottle Deposits
  • Eliminate Heavy Bottle Changing
  • Eliminate Bottle Storage and Handling
  • Lower costs compared to Bottled Water

    Average Cost of Buying Water:

    20 oz. Bottle (Retail) $6.00 Per Gallon
    Five Gallon Jug $1.00 Per Gallon
    Water Wizard™ Bottleless Cooler $0.20 Per Gallon
    With the Water Wizard™ System you save time and money and NEVER run out of Fresh Purified Water!

    Try It Risk Free!

    View Water Wizard Water Cooler Brochure - pdf format
    View WATER Wizard reverse osmosis Brochure - pdf format
    View Aqua Bar Brochure - pdf format