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The Proline Plus Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System

Enjoy pure and healthy water! This water system has multiple applications. The Reverse Osmosis System provides a cost efficient way to provide safe and pure drinking water for all residential applications. It will improve the quality of the water that you use for drinking, cooking, coffee & tea, pets, and plants.

Reverse Osmosis is defined by the Water Quality Association as:

"A water treatment process that removes undesirable materials from water by using pressure to force the water molecules through a semipermeable membrane. This process is called "reverse" osmosis because the pressure forces the water to flow in the reverse direction (from the concentrated solution to the dilute solution) to the flow direction (from the dilute to the concentrated) in the process of natural osmosis. RO removes ionized salts, colloids, and organic molecules down to a molecular weight of 100. May be called hyperfiltration."

Reverse osmosis eliminates high dissolved solids levels and provides the highest quality drinking water for your home or office. RO is the industry-accepted, most effective way of removing dissolved solids.

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Water Wizard™ 5600 Series Water Conditioner

This water conditioning system is designed to maximize efficiency and minimize water and salt used for regeneration. Simple programming ensures your system will operate consistently and dependably for many years. Using as little as 4 pounds of salt per regeneration cycle, the 5600 system effectively provides the homeowner with quality water at a reasonable cost.

5600 TMR
Timered control regeneration. The 5600 with timer controlled regeneration gives you the ability to have the system regenerate automatically on a schedule that you select.

5600 MTR
Metered on demand regeneration with manual override. The 5600 with meter measured water usage, providing on demand regeneration. This saves water and salt used for regeneration.

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Water Wizard™ OXiDIZER System

A water softener can only remove so much iron by itself, anything over 2.5ppm of iron needs pre filtration, which is where the Oxidizer comes in.

The safest and best Oxidation System is the OXiDIZER system. Additionally, the distinctive smell of rotten-eggs is caused by hydrogen sulfide or sulfur or both and is very difficult to remove. The OXiDIZER System eradicates it – PERIOD! As little as .5 PPM of Sulfur causes this obnoxious odor and as little as .3 PPM of iron or rust causes stains.

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Benefits of Pure Water

Untreated water is one of the greatest problems plaguing most residential customers. The Residential Product Line offered at Water Wizard™ can help customers eliminate the cost and problems of untreated water.

Here are a few frequently asked questions about water purification:

Q: How Does Reverse Osmosis Work?
A: The RO process uses a semi-permeable TFC membrane to remove and reject up to 99% of impurities and contaminants from water. Contaminants such as iron, lead, nitrate, magnesium, copper, sodium, bacteria, viruses, and much more can be eliminated using only water pressure.

Q: What are the specific contaminants that a reverse osmosis system removes?
A: A reverse osmosis system can treat for a variety of contaminants including:
Health Contaminants:
Total Trihalomethanes*

Aesthetic Contaminants:
(Taste, Odor, and Color Organic Molecules)

*Additional treatment for these contaminants is provided through carbon filters included with our RO systems.

Your Water Wizard™ Reverse Osmosis System will reduce up to 99% of most contaminants, while completely eliminating taste, color and odor from your water supply.